Thursday, August 27, 2015

M16 in Ha

This is a WIP if M16 that I will hopefully finish this year. I'm tight on schedules!.

M16 in Ha, link to Astrobin

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Observatory construction (Part II)

March 2015: Metal pillars soldered, starting to build walls
March 2015: Walls finished
May 2015: Painting process
June 2015: Roll off roof installed, waiting for first light!
July 2015: Floor installing detail, notice isolated telescope ground
July 2015: Current status, dirty and chaotic

Monday, July 20, 2015

TMB 152 and Riccardi Reducer optical evaluation

Lately I have seen some messages in the forums related with blue bloating and new CCDs. Current market heads for small chips and very small pixels with very low read noise.

The problem with new chips is that small pixels and refractors are not well paired, since small refractors have big spot sizes (and we can say that 4-8" may be considered small).

It's very difficult to have a small fast refractor corrected enough for new CCDs, so that was my fear with the setup. I did some extensive research for choosing my current gear, and I think I did it right.

TMB 152 and Atik 460 EX passed the test of blue bloat. I cannot detect any bloating, and the FWHM seems pretty right:

R 1.58
G 1.57
B 1.66

The star shape across the CCD is pretty good:

Single L 5 min sub with 7331 on corner

Aberration evaluation, very good star shape on corners
FWHM, very low variation on corners

Thursday, July 16, 2015

First Light! M57

I'm glad to be back to astrophotography, after a full 3 year lapsus of reorganizing my equipment and building my own observatory. In fact, this image represent all this suffering.

My new location, which is going to be permanent, has about 21.5 SQM and Bortle 3 scale. FWHM 2,5" is considered bad seeing here, while 1,5" is considered as normal. So I think this is going to be a lot of fun.

Will be posting pics of my observatory soon. Still working hard on it.

M57, link to Astrobin

Monday, March 9, 2015

Observatory construction (Part I)

December 2014: Starting to dig the first hole (by hand!)

February 2015: Both 1 cubic meter holes finished, rebar for each column. Formwork nearly finished.

March 2015: 35cm diameter column in place and secured, ready to pour.

March 2015: Formwork ready, waiting for the concrete mixer!

March 2015: Concrete poured, nice temperature around 14ÂșC

March 2015: Concrete pad finished, bottom plates in place (35x35x3cm)

Update: Construction Part II